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Team Onboarding 🏄🏻‍♀️ 

Crayon Studio is thrilled to have you on board! We designed a tailored manual to help you get started and to address frequent questions to make things a little less overwhelming for you.


Cloud Work Desk

Trello and Google Drive will be your online workspace for the next few months. These portals allow you to access briefing slides, previous work materials, receive feedback, submit assignments, and upload work files. 

Trello is a phenomenal tool used for project management, and we at Crayon 🖍 love a well-organised workflow. On the Crayon Trello board, there are four lists, and the goal is to transfer all of the cards from the first to the last; However, in Trello, each attachment can only be 10 MB in size. Bummer! Any files larger than that are shared on Google Drive — a vast virtual  ☁️ storage ☁️ space! 

Trello Crayon
Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 10.29.08 AM.png



Brief  📑
Liana will add the project details to Trello before starting a new project, so feel free to take a look and familiarize yourself with it! Before each work day, a briefing will be held through Google Meet (anticipate the link to the call via Telegram!) and don't worry, we can keep our cameras off! 

WIP 👨🏽‍💻
Skrrt! It's time to get to work after the briefing! You can move the card you were briefed on over here. Feel free to message Liana on Telegram if you have any questions!

Sent To Client 📫
Your hard work is on its way to the client, and the feedback will most likely take some time. You’re 👏🏼  doing 👏🏼  amazing 👏🏼 . While they process your work, we'll focus on other things. When they respond with remarks, Liana will return the card to the Brief list and fill you in with what to do next.

Completed 🍹

Sublime work. The client has approved the work & the project is a done deal. It’s time for a little dance 🕺🏽  party and eat a couple of tacos 🌮  to celebrate. Hi-5!


Working Hours

We at Crayon Studio thrive and believe in work-life balance. We begin on the dot and end on the dot. We work efficiently in the interim (no kidding!). The best part? We have the option to adjust our working hours as needed!

Flexible Working Hours 🤸🏼‍♀️
You have the option to work for either 4 or 8 hours each day. The hours will be based on Malaysian time (+8 GMT), and if you wish to shift your working days or hours, no worries as it won’t be a problem! Simply notify us 3 days ahead of time so we can manage the client’s expectations and rework your task time frame. 💻

Holidays 👨🏽‍💻
For our international team members, news for you is you are now situated in Malaysia! (well, sorta). You will observe Selangor's public holidays. Unfortunately, there will be no sick leave during the work period, but a quick solution to that is to request for unpaid leave or replace your hours to a different day.

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